L.O.C Method

The last post I listed some kitchen products you can use for quick hair treatments to restore moisture and shine to your hair. The next step you might want to consider is locking in the moisture with the L.O.C method. Don’t let the word method scare you into thinking it’s a big time consuming process because its really simple

L= Liquid- water or water based leave in Conditioner

O= Oil- carrier oil (i.e. Avocado oil or Coconut oil)

C= Cream- Styling cream or hair butter

You may need to tweak this method to work for YOUR hair. This method works for me by using light oils and creams. I find that people with thicker and high porosity hair the L.O.C.O method works well for them.

L= Liquid- water or water based leave in conditioner

O= Oil (light oil i.e. coconut oil)

C= Cream- heavy cream products like Shea butter

O= Oil- heavy oil (i.e. Castro Oil)

The original L.O.C method maybe something that works for you during summer months and may need some tweaking during winter months. I usually alter the products I use during different seasons. So, don’t be afraid to play around with your hair and find out what works best for you🙂

Top 5 Holy Grail Kitchen Products for your Hair

    Tis the season for dry brittle hair! If you find your hair is lacking moisture and breaking during these cold months I listed some at home kitchen products that your hair will love!


Apple cider vinegar (ACV hair rinse)

apple cider vinergar


Apple cider vinegar has natural alpha-hydroxy acid, which helps gently exfoliates the scalp and helps to remove build up from hair products. Apple cider vinegar rinse is perfect for people who struggle with dandruff, itchy scalp, and restoring your hairs PH. Believe it or not a lot of hair products have to be tested for its PH balance but that’s another conversation for another post.

When it comes to Apple Cider Vinegar do not let the smell of the product sway you from trying it out. The smell doesn’t really stick but if you want to be sure to get rid of the smell it’s okay to use your choice of a fragranced conditioner afterwards.

Use: pour 50/50 of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (with mother) and water into a spray bottle. Spritz the hair and smooth through with your hands gently. Once the hair is evenly coated with ACV you may use a conditioner of your choice.


Mayonnaise (deep conditioner)

mayo 3


I have noticed that some DIY products do not give me that soft conditioned hair feeling that I love when using commercial hair products. Mayonnaise however is one of my favorite kitchen product hair staples. This product has some really great ingredients like soybean oil, which contains fatty acids and vitamins that give you shine and helps lock in moisture. I would say protein as well but I hear it is up for debate whether or not the protein in Mayonnaise is beneficial. I found in some research that the protein in mayonnaise and eggs are too big to fit in the hair shaft to lock in. However this does not take away from its other benefits.

Listed are just a few ingredients in Mayonnaise that give great benefits to your hair

  1. Soybean- a vegetable oil from the seeds of the soybean. The oil provides nutrients and vitamins to help fight against split ends, dryness, and also helps with fighting against breakage.
  2. Egg- the egg is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E. These Vitamins help in hair loss and promote hair growth. The Egg also has fatty acid, which brings shine and gives your hair that super soft feeling.
  3. Vinegar- helps seal the hair cuticle and retain moisture

Use: clean hair with shampoo of your choice. As discussed before ACV maybe a good cleansing option for you. While the hair is still damp smooth the mayonnaise in your hair and cover with a shower cap. Be sure to sit under the drier for at least 15 minutes or wrap a towel over your head and let your hair condition for 30mins to an hour.


Tea Tree Oil (scalp treatment)

tea tree 2


   Tea tree oil is great for the scalp and extremely soothing when massaged into your hair. I LOVE IT!!! The Antifungal and anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil helps combat fungus that causes dandruff. This product also helps restore natural hair nutrients and helps with blood circulation, which helps promote hair growth. Super PLUSE!!!

Use: Pour two drops of tea tree oil on your hands and gently massage into scalp with your fingertips (Do not use fingernails it will irritate your scalp). You can also mix the teat tree oil into your shampoo, conditioners, or carrier oil (i.e coconut oil) same steps apply. Be sure to use 100% tea tree oil I find that the ones that they sell at beauty supply stores are not 100%. You are better off finding it somewhere like whole foods.

Honey (Hair mask)



    Honey being a natural humectant it helps attracts moisture leaving your hair looking healthy and shiny. Honey is also said to help strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth. Be sure to use organic honey for the best results.

Use: After shampooing your hair, mix honey with a carrier oil and apply to hair from ends to root. Place a shower cap over your head and shit under drier for 30 minutes on low heat for the best results. Rinse well.


Coconut oil (Pre-poo)

Coconut oil


    Coconut oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that bring nutrients to this carrier oil that most people rave about. Coconut oil is my favorite for pre-pooing because it helps restore moisture and you are able to let it soak overnight for lazy days. Coconut oil is so important during winter months when your hair is more prone to dry hair and split ends. Using Coconut oil for pre-pooing allows the hair to retain natural oils for wash day that involve shampoo or even if your hair just needs a boost in moisture. When coating the hair with coconut oil it helps detangle the hair allowing your fingers or comb to glide through the hair, which results to less breakage that dry hair might cause.

Use: Smooth coconut oil from ends to root (damp hair is optional). Glide your fingertips through your hair to detangle and loosen up knots. You have the option of styling your hair and washing it later or using a steamer to seal in moisture and washing your hair out afterwards.

    I hope  that these products come in handy in a time of need for you, I know it has for me. I choose most of these kitchen products over commercial products sold in beauty stores. It’s cheap and it works! When using these products you will notice a difference but with using any product healthy hair takes time and care. So be sure to give your hair some TLC this winter!

That One Time in Brazil….


      One of the best things that happened to me recently is catching the travel bug. As a kid I always imagined myself going away for college, pledging for a sorority and traveling the world. Unfortunately, two out of the three didn’t happen but I did make it a priority to travel!

            When I was twenty -two I traveled to London and France and it was there I realized that this was something I needed to do as often as the opportunity presented itself. Better yet as often as I could make the opportunity. Since then I have traveled to different states in the U.S but recently for my 25th birthday I wanted travel outside the country, again. Myself, and two of my best friends researched the best deals at the time and bought round trip tickets to Rio, Brazil. We stayed six nights and seven days at the Windsor Atalatica hotel for $1,200 with the flight included. Traveling to Rio has been one of the best experiences of my life thus far and I’ am happy to have experienced it with my travel sisters whom I travel with often.

If you are ever looking to go to Rio, Brazil I made my top 7 things to do while you are there.

1. The beach

Rio, Brazil has so many options of beaches to attend from really popular tourist beaches like Ipanema, and Copacabana, which are nothing less from amazing! If you love waves you will love these two beaches even more!! However, the water and sand aren’t the only cool things about these beaches. You can relax, catch a tan, drink a delicious caipirinha (brazils famous cocktail), and even buy souvenirs for your family and friends from the locals walking the beach. You can easily dedicate a whole trip to the beaches in Brazil but Rio has so much more to offer…

2. Football Game AKA Soccer

I am not a fan of soccer but I couldn’t leave Brazil without experiencing a match. I attended a game with Flominense vs. Sap Paulo at the Maracana Stadium (the worlds largest stadium). It was a great game even though I didn’t know much of what was going on but the lively environment of shouting fans, drums and people dancing made the experience great for me. I am not a big sports girl so often my excitement is based on how live the crowed is and they were pretty LIVE!

3. Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer

One of the most popular sites that tourist visit in Rio are the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Christ Redeemer. The view from the mountain tops are breath taking and worth the trip! I sat at each mountain for about 30 minutes just taking in the beauty of the city and of course I took some great candids.

4. Samba Dancing

Brazil is known for their famous dance called Samba, which is mostly in the footwork and you can add your own flavor. When in Rio my friends and I made it an obligation to take lessons. We loved it so much that we promised ourselves that when we get back to the states we would continue our Samba classes.

Also, be sure to go see a Samba show. The drums will surely get you moving in your seat and wanting to learn more of the dance. Whether you take lessons, go to a show, or watch locals Samba on the street its something that you want to experience!


Visiting Lapa is actually one of my top two things to do while in Rio. During the day you can experience the Escadaria Selaron (Lapa stairs) stairs that’s filled with donated colorful tiles done by a local man named Jorge Selaron. Some also may recognize the stairs from the Snoop Dogg and Pharell’s music video “Beautiful”. I spent a good hour making snap videos and taking pictures on these stairs. I found the area to be so neat and wanted to get a great photo and soak in the moment. Make sure you don’t leave with out getting your picture taking and put on a tile to savor that moment. I love my tile!

       A night out in Lapa is another must if you not feeling too beat after all you day activities. Friday night is the best night to go out and experience Lapa’s nightlife and depending on what area you go to you will find different crowds and age groups. Enjoy the Samba dancing, music, grab a bit to eat, and of course a drink or two! Have fun but also be cautious you’re a tourist and as much as you dot want to stick out as one, you will!

6. Michael Jackson Mural

If you love MJ you can’t leave Rio with out visiting his Mural in the Favela that Michael shot his “ They don’t care about us” Video. I loved this because I was able to experience the urban areas of Rio and I felt comfortable because of our tour guide. If you stay at the Windsor Atlantica hotel for majority of the things I listed they will set you up with a tour guide or driver. Nonetheless the people were nice but my Portuguese isn’t that good so our driver translated a lot for us. It was interesting to see how different people from Brazil lived and the Mural and view from Favela was beautiful. This experience is my all time favorite and now the Michael Jackson video holds even more meaning to me because I was right there!

7. Hang Gliding

I saved this for last because to me it’s more optional. However, I say when ever you go to another country do something that you wouldn’t normally do in the states… NOTHING TOO CRAZY! Luckily, with my hang gliding experience I have videos and pictures to prove my bravery. I am so happy I did it!

 Whether you go to RIO, another part of Brazil, or even another country best advice I can give is to just get out and see some world!